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Statutory objective and mission

War Child’s vision: A peaceful future for all children of war

  • 10 million children grow up in war. They face violence, loss and destruction. Children who experience war can not develop in a normal way. Children should never be part of war. Ever.
  • Children and young people have the right to grow up in peace. Both during and after armed conflicts, we must create safe environments where children and young people can grow and develop in healthy ways - both during and after armed conflicts.
  • Children must be allowed to enjoy their childhood. War Child wants a world in which children can live without fear. A world where children have a future, are protected, have hope, can go to school, can have fun, can be proud and have confidence.
  • When children grow up to be well-balanced adults, they will be able to prevent or solve future conflicts. This new generation is the cornerstone for a peaceful future.

War Child’s mission: To help a War Child change the future

  • War Child believes in the strength of children and young people. Despite the horror of war, we make sure that children and young people can develop this strength so that they can change their future and their environment. War Child programs and everyone who contributes to them are part of make an essential and lasting difference.
  • War Child uses a creative and engaging approach in its programs to reunite people in (post) conflict areas, to rebuild trust and to connect with children’s way of looking at the world. Together with children, young people, parents, caregivers, teachers and local community leaders, War Child works towards an environment in which the rights of children are respected.
  • War Child is determined to:
    • Protect children against armed conflict and all resulting exploitation and violence.
    • Stimulate children’s psychological and social development.
    • Organize education.
    • Let children be heard so that their contributions count.

War Child’s Identity: A combined effort

War Child cannot realize these changes on its own. War Child wants, with as many people as possible, to use all the means, talent and inspiration available to help these children affected by war. Together, we can actually change the future.

War Child is an independent and impartial aid organization. We support all children, boys and girls, irrespective of their religious, ethnic or social background.

  • War Child finances or implements projects in (post) conflict areas and in the Netherlands.
  • War Child develops the capacity of local organizations in (post) conflict areas and in the Netherlands.
  • War Child provides information and influences local, national and international policies.

Within this focus, War Child works from a rights-based perspective, all programs are based on the rights of the child. In all activities War Child guides children and young people to productively contribute to peace-building and conflict transformation processes at all levels in society.