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95 sections found in the annual report 2009
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War Child's work

In 2009 more than 970,000 children and youth were reached with War Child activities in 11 (post) conflict areas and the Netherlands....

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SWOT analysis

The formulation of the Strategy 2015 included an analysis of War Child’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats....

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War Child’s identity, vision, mission and approach

In 2009 War Child has reconfirmed it’s vision, mission and approach...

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Growth of programs, number of activities and children reached

In 2009 the number of activities carried out in War Child programs slightly decreased as compared to 2008 (-8%) and the number of active participants attending those activities has slightly increased (+5%)....

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Relationships with stakeholders

Working closely with partners is a key objective in the Strategy 2015. In 2009 War Child invested more in stakeholder participation in the design and evaluation of its activities...

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Evaluation of strategy and objectives 2009

Highlights and lessons learned regarding 2009 strategy and objectives were...

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Trends in and highlights of 2009

A number of trends and highlights characterized the overall War Child program in 2009. ...

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Impact measurement and capacity building

The ways War Child measures the results, effect and impact of its programs and how it works on capacity building of partners....

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Burundi, Conflict and consequences

The situation in Burundi...

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Burundi; Program information

Target groups, locations and costs of the Burundi prorgram....

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