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5 sections found in the annual report 2009
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SWOT analysis

The formulation of the Strategy 2015 included an analysis of War Child’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats....

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Risk management: Financial risks

War Child ‘s objectives require multi year commitments. The instability of income can fluctuate over the years, which has to be taken into account. ...

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Vulnerability to fraud

War Child has gained the trust of individuals, companies and other organisations that donate money, involving a large responsibility to ensure the money is spent properly....

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Risk management; Operational risks

War Child generally works in politically unstable areas. Changes in policies and political relationships constitute major risks for War Child programs....

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Managing risks; Reputational risks

Despite the professionalism, transparency and compliance with regulations and law War Child achieves, a scandal in the media can damage an organisation’s reputation, be it true or false. Rectification after the event will not repair the reputational damag...

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