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9 sections found in the annual report 2009
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Organisation; introduction

The War Child organisation is structured around the three departments ‘operations’, ‘marketing, communications and fundraising’ and ‘programmes’. This structure contributes to the strategic objectives of the organisation....

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Organisation; Partnerships with international organisations

War Child has partnerships with the following international organisations (alphabetical) ...

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Human resources; Volunteers

Volunteers are of great value for War Child. Volunteers bring with them experience and flexibility, and have a motivating effect on paid employees....

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Organisation; Partnerships with Dutch organisations (alphabetical)

War Child has partnerships with te following Dutch organisations (alphabetical)...

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Human Resources; Organisation Chart

War Child's organisation chart...

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Human Resources; Statistics

Statistics of War Child staff in the field and on head office....

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Human Resources; Employment

2009 was characterized by a high turn over, which in the field was stimulated by the organisation itself. ...

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Human Resources; Future

In 2008, War Child developed a human resources plan for the next two years. Due to high recruitment rates in 2009 and many other changes, some parts of the plan were postponed and are on the agenda for 2010. ...

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Organisation and environment

War Child minimizes the effect of its work on the environment as much as possible...

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