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5 sections found in the annual report 2009
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Managing risks; Reputational risks

Despite the professionalism, transparency and compliance with regulations and law War Child achieves, a scandal in the media can damage an organisation’s reputation, be it true or false. Rectification after the event will not repair the reputational damag...

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Communication with stakeholders

By informing the pubic, War Child raises the involvement of the Dutch audience. This created opportunities for fundraising, since a higher involvement positively influences donations....

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Communication statistics

An overview of communication means and statistics. All means were created fully sponsored....

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Communications; Kids and schools

In 2009 War Child focused on increasing the scope and strengthening ties with the target audience of kids and primary schools in The Netherlands. ...

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Communications; War Child in the news

War Child appeared in at least 640 printed articles. In general, the tone of voice was neutral. 15% of the media coverage was explicitly positive and less than 2% was negative....

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