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Welcome to the online annual report 2009

In order to give you a clear and transparent view on the 2009 results, War Child presents its annual report with this special online edition. With the innovative facet navigation, you will find what you are looking for in a couple of clicks. Thanks to the sponsorship of Facetbase this online annual report has been created totally free of costs. The printed annual report has been designed fully sponsored by design agency 52 graden noorderbreedte, who also provided parts of this online version.

War Child in 2009

In 2009 the increasing violence in Afghanistan, the tension in the Middle-East and the lack of access of aid to the Gaza Strip dominated the news. Millions of children are affected by the consequences of war, many are subjected to (sexual) violence, separation from their families and homes or become victims of exploitation. Above all, they live with the invisible effects war has on their ability to trust themselves, their environment and their future.

In 2009 more than 970,000 children and youth were reached with War Child activities in 11 (post) conflict areas and the Netherlands. These children were able to take up the challenges of today’s world, permitting them to be a child, improving their relations with their peers, catching up on education or integrating them into society after their involvement in armed groups.

We thank all involved for their commitment and passion. It is the support of our Friends, donors, ambassadors, volunteers and employees from all over the world that makes War Child more than just an office: it is a movement, a movement for peace. Being involved is a statement: “through War Child I can help and contribute towards that peaceful future”. Your engagement has given many children the chance of building a new future.

Maarten van Dijk
Chairman of the board, War Child Holland